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Hydrocodone Side

About Hydrocodone

Moderate and severe pain can be treated well using Hydrocodone. Use extended-release pills for best effects.

  • Get relieve from pain in less period of time.
  • Works best if taken according to prescription.
  • Not to be used in pregnancy.
  • Not fit for patients with heart, liver, and kidney diseases.
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Oxycodone Side

About Oxycodone

Oxycodone helps patient in relieving him/her from moderate to severe pain. The drug is an opioid works by altering the chemicals responsible for pain.

  • Should be used according to prescription.
  • Not to be shared with anyone.
  • Works great if taken when the first signs of pain arrive.
  • Should not be used together with other medications.
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Side Effects

About Adderall

A central nervous system stimulant used for ADHD and sleep disorders. ADHD is treated well using Adderall. Talk to your medical expert to start taking Adderall.

  • One of the best prescription pills for treating ADHD.
  • Prescription must be followed with the use.
  • Not to be used by women undergoing pregnancy.
  • Stimulants amphetamine/dextroamphetamine increase the ability to pay attention.
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Ambien Side Effects

About Ambien

Also known as Zolpidem, used widely for the short-term treatment of sleep problems such as insomnia. Helps patient to get a better night sleep. Insures rest along with sleep.

  • One of the best sleeping problems pills.
  • Prescription is necessary along with the dosage.
  • Must be taken with care in pregnancy.
  • Type A GABA receptor agonist.
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Percocet Side Effects

About Percocet

Used for the short term treatment of moderate to severe pain. Contains Oxycodone and Acetaminophen. Changes the way the brain responds to pain.

  • Used for the treatment of pain that is untreated from normal pills.
  • Prescription must be followed.
  • Not to be used in minors.
  • One of the best prescription pills to relieve pain.
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