How do I place an order?

Placing an order is as easy as ordering a thing from an e-commerce website.  If you are on our website, you just need to choose from the products given on the website, or in case you are not on our website, just click the link in the blog.  As soon as you click the link, you will be redirected to our website, fill your cart choosing your product/s, fill in the details required for delivery, go through the payment, and you have placed your order.

What are the modes of contact with this company?

At onlinemedzonline.com we provide customer support throughout the day via mail, phone calls & live chat rooms. For further details on this, kindly check out our Contact Us page.

How is the shipping done for all the orders?

We utilize the services of reputed courier carriers like FedEx, DHL Express, US Postal Services & UPS for a safe, secure & speedy delivery of all our shipped packages.

What kind of medicines are sold on this website?

We sell all the FDA-approved drugs including pain relievers like Lortab, Oxycontin, Hydrocodone & drugs used for treating sleep disorders like Adderall. All the medicines sold on this website are sourced from genuine manufacturers in the US. Please visit the All Products section for detailed info.

What sort of packaging is used for the shipped products?

We provide a properly covered & padded packaging to our products in shipping, in order to ensure their safety as well as privacy while they travel through various substations & delivery systems before reaching you.

What are the available modes of payment on this website?

You can use all the Credit Cards, Western Union payment modes for shopping with us.

When is my card charged for the payment?

Our customer support executives make a confirmation call to all our customers who make an order on our website after which your card will be charged for the payment. You will be provided with the billing details & a tracking ID for the shipping package.

What if the package delivered to me is damaged or missing?

There is a minimum possibility of any such mishap but if this happens you need to inform our customer support executives about it via phone call or email. We will either provide a reshipment for these products free of cost or you will get a full refund. For more details, visit the section Delivery & Refunds.

What if I don’t find an answer to my question in this section?

You can contact our customer support executives for all your queries & concerns throughout the day via chat, email, or phone call and we assure you will get a satisfactory response within a few minutes.

What happens after I place my order?

After you place your order, we make arrangements for the delivery of your product.  Your order is delivered after ensuring the quality and quantity of the product.

What in case do I need help with my placed order?

We take care of every order irrespective of quantity.  Every order goes through a quality check before delivering the product to the address.  When you need help with your order, we provide customer support 24×7 via phone, mail, and live chat rooms.  If there is any change you want to have with your order, just give a call to our customer support and we will try our best to resolve your problem.

How are the prices at onlinemedzonline pharmacies so low?

The prices are so low because we do not spend money on marketing and branding our products.  Every product is as effective as its counterpart. Some pills can cost you 1/10th when compared with their counterparts.  We make it possible by taking low staff, batch shipping, small staff, no physical distribution, etc. Having no cost incurred in physical distribution and hiring loads of staff for the same, we have managed to deliver prescription pills at very low rates.

What are generic medications? Are they safe?

As far as the generic medication is concerned, we can tell you that it is as effective as its original counterpart.  The only thing that makes any medicine generic is that it has lost its patent protection. As medicine has lost its patent, other manufacturers can produce and sell the pills at low prices.  Yes, generic medicines are as safe as their counterpart.

What is the difference between a brand-name drug and a generic drug?

A generic medicine differs from a brand name medicine on the basis of the patent.  A patent drug becomes generic when its patent expires. As the drug has got its patent expired, many other pharmaceutical companies begin to produce that drug, and the drug is available at low rates.

How is my privacy protected? Does the website follow laws to make itself safe and secure?

We at onlinemedzonline are entirely dedicated to the protection of your privacy and for this reason, every fraction of data that you share on the website is entirely protected under state laws.  We do not share your information with other companies or third-party service providers. When you provide any of your details like bank account details, transaction details, or any other information regarding payment, you can be sure that these kinds of information are never shared or transmitted to any person, company, or third-party websites.  You are 100% secure when you visit the website.

As far as the security of this site is concerned, we can assure you that every business that you do on this website is secure, safe, and discreet with SSL 128-bit encryption technology.  The same technology is used while receiving and transmitting credit card information during the transaction. Every sensitive detail is encrypted after processing making the same inaccessible for anyone.

What is your refund policy?

We care for you and we know what it takes to earn money.  You are refunded when the product that is delivered to you is faulty, damaged during shipping, or expired.  We also refund you in case your order is not arrived and lost. In the case your order is not arrived and lost, we may deliver another order at your request.

At any time, if you feel that you should get a refund, please share the details along with the details of your order and if we find that you should get a refund, we will try every possible effort to make sure that you should get a refund.