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What schedule drug is the drug Xanax?

Xanax is the brand name of the drug Alprazolam, which is prescribed to to treat anxiety disorders, specially panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Since Xanax is an opioid drug, you must know that why Xanax is for sale regularly in the U.S. and in which schedule does it falls. Actually, there is an ongoing prescription drug epidemic in the U.S. right now. The primary cause of drug abuse are opioid drugs, but other drugs also increase the number of deaths due to drug overdose every year. The drug schedule is based on the survey that how much the drug is medically useful and can a person develop an addiction to it after taking it regularly. As per the drug schedules outlined by the DEA, the drug falls in Schedule IV means that the drug has less potential of being abused or misused. But this is entirely true because the person taking the drug can get used to it if he takes it regularly and may keep on taking it to feel its effects time and again. Therefore, being a Schedule IV drug can’t tell that how much the drug is dangerous as compared to other drugs.

What is the drug Xanax and how it is taken to treat anxiety and panic disorder?

Before we discuss that why Xanax is for sale, let us talk about what is anxiety and panic disorder. Anxiety disorder is when a person is unrealistically or excessively anxious or worried about something. Normally this symptom exists for a period of six months or so. Some of the symptoms that can be seen in a person suffering from anxiety disorder are tension in muscles, unable to breathe properly, remaining irritated all the time. On the other hand, panic disorder occurs when a person experiences extreme fear or discomfort and symptoms that can be seen are heartbeat increases rapidly, trembling or shaking, pain in the chest or experiencing discomfort, is unable to lose control over something or someone. To treat anxiety disorder, a dose of 0.25 to 0.5 mg of the drug Xanax is given thrice in a single day, and to treat panic disorder, a dose greater than 4 mg every day is given to the patient. The drug is mainly taken to treat anxiety and panic disorder. It is also useful for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, but the FDA has recommended the usefulness of the drug should be checked from time to time.

What are the side effects of taking the drug Xanax and the effects of interaction of the drug with drugs that alter a person’s mental condition?

As you already know that the drug Xanax is mainly prescribed to patients suffering from anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder, but the biggest issue of taking a drug repeatedly is overdose. If a person takes the drug excessively then he may experience the following symptoms like low blood pressure, unable to maintain one’s balance, weak muscles, fainting while standing up too quickly, and feeling sleepy. Other side effects of the drug include depression, headache, confusion, insomnia, mouth dries repeatedly, vomiting, etc. If we talk about the combination of Xanax with other drugs that alter a person’s mental condition then the uses and effects of those drugs should be carefully considered. If Xanax is combined with a drug called Digoxin that treats heart failure and some forms of heart disease then signs and symptoms of the poisoning of the body due to the intake of Digoxin should be carefully monitored and if Xanax is for sale then it should be taken care that the drug is not abused or misused.

How depending on the drug Xanax and suddenly stopping its intake can cause a reaction?

After discussing the reasons of why Xanax is for sale, the drug’s side effects and what kind of reactions it causes when combined with drugs that alter a person’s mental condition, let us talk about what happens if a person becomes dependent on the drug for survival or stops taking the drug suddenly. The symptoms that can be seen if a person has been taking the drug for a long time than for the amount of time the drug is prescribed, then the person is unable to survive without taking the drug, unable to decrease or stop the intake of the drug, the patient develops a resistance towards the effects of the drug, and withdrawal symptoms in case the intake of the drug is stopped suddenly. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that can be seen in a person stopping the intake of the drug midway or abruptly are anxiety, depression, the patient stops thinking about himself completely, thinking that one’s surroundings are not real, disturbance in sleep, the body becomes immune to touch and pain, pain in muscles, etc. The effects of depending on the drug and withdrawal symptoms experienced after the discontinuation of the intake of the drug have been associated with suicide and things people do to harm themselves and this kind of self-inflicting behavior can be seen largely in youngsters.

What are the appropriate doses of the drug Xanax?

Xanax, the brand name of the drug Alprazolam, is a minor tranquilizer taken to treat a person suffering from anxiety disorders and panic disorders. It can also be included in the list of drugs effective for treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). If you know that the drug Xanax is for sale, you must know that the drug comes along with a prescribed dose and a prescription so you must follow both at all times. There are specific doses of Xanax for specified disorders:-


  • Anxiety disorders: The tablet of Xanax prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, mainly those associated with depression, is either an immediate-release or an extended-release one. The original quantity of the immediate release tablet of the drug to treat anxiety disorders is 0.5 mg and taken thrice every day. Other than that, the mean effective dosage is 3 to 4 divided doses of the tablet of 5 to 6 mg per day.



  • Panic disorder: The originally prescribed quantity of the immediate-release tablet of the drug to be taken is 0.5 mg thrice every day. The quantity of the extended-release tablet of the drug prescribed is 0.5 to 1 mg once every day.


In the U.S., Xanax is FDA-approved drug for the treatment of both panic disorder, with or without agoraphobia (the person perceives his environment unsafe and with no route to escape from there), and anxiety disorders or short-term relief from its symptoms.


This medication must be taken by mouth, as directed by your doctor. The dose is likely to be eventually increased so as to improve its effectiveness. The dosage of this medication is based on several factors like age and medical condition. There are some common reactions of the drug and may occur even if you generic Xanax. This medication can be at times addictive, especially if you overuse alcohol. Allergic reaction to this medication is uncommon. This medication has both common and unlikely side effects. Allergic reactions can be anything from rash to itching but must be reported to the doctor. Buy xanax online

You should not alter, increase or stop the dosage of this medication without the approval of your doctor. If the patient is allergic to Xanax or to any other substance, he should inform so to the doctor. Xanax may also contain some inactive elements which can cause allergic reactions. The patient must avail all information regarding allergic reactions to Xanax from his doctor. The doctor or pharmacist must be informed of any medical history which includes depression, suicidal thoughts, kidney or liver disease, mental/mood condition, sleepwalking, breathing problem, lung diseases etc.

The effects of Xanax are long-lasting. These precautions must be exercised.This drug is also known to cause impair to thinking which is why it is advised not to drive. It can also cause blurred or double vision to a patient which may cause accidents.


Store the drug away from moisture and sunlight and at room temperature. It should not be stored in the bathroom. The drug must be stored someplace where children and pets cannot reach it.


If you have ever had Xanax in the past, your doctor may instruct you to take a lower dose of this medicine than you did before. Go through all medication guides, patient information, and instruction sheets that are provided to you by your doctor or pharmacist. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Take Xanax in the same way as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions that are stated on your prescription label. Never take this medicine in larger amounts, alter the dose, or take it for longer than prescribed.

Xanax, like any other opioid, can be habit-forming. You should never share this medication with any other person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. Store the medication in a place where others cannot reach it. Selling or giving away this drug is a violation of the law. Do not cease the use of Xanax suddenly after a period of long-term use, or you could experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor how you can avoid any such withdrawal symptoms whenever you stop using Xanax.


Dizziness is a very common side effect that is caused by Xanax. However, if it persists or worsens, you must inform your doctor immediately. This medication tends to make you sleepy during the day. If you experience daytime drowsiness, inform your doctor immediately. The doctor must have prescribed you Xanax because the benefits overweigh the risks. The side effects vary from person to person and may either be experienced or not experienced by people.

If any unlikely side effect like memory loss, hallucination, agitation, confusion, new or worsening depression, anxiety, aggressive behavior, abnormal thoughts, or mental or mood changes occur inform your doctor immediately. Allergic reaction to this medication is uncommon. You can avoid inconveniences if you order Xanax online. Allergic reactions include rash, trouble breathing, severe dizziness, or itching. You must report such reactions to Xanax immediately to your doctor.


Drug interaction alters how the medication works. To avoid any serious harm, Xanax for Sale from a certified pharmacy. It can often increase the effect of serious side effects. You should not alter, increase or stop the dosage of this medication without the approval of your doctor.

Kava is one such drug. If this medication is taken with drugs that increase drowsiness and slow breathing, it may cause harm.


Xanax is a part of a class of medication known as a benzodiazepine. It treats anxiety by producing a calming effect when it acts on the brain and nerves. It enhances the effects of certain natural chemicals in the brain. You can buy Xanax online to be cured of anxiety and panic disorder.Xanax is used to calm the mind and body. It induces sleep for people who struggle with insomnia. Xanax is an effective medication in decreased or smaller doses. When it is taken in larger doses, however, it is known to produce a variety of unpleasant side effects often.

Xanax is generally prescribed for two weeks at most by the doctors. Beyond that time period, it may not be as effective as before. People who continue taking Xanax can usually end up accidentally — or even on purpose — abuse the drug. Any dose of Xanax that is used outside of a doctor’s prescribed guidelines is considered abuse. Many Xanax users have experienced uncommon and disturbing side effects from the medication. For example, some of these effects involve patients going from a sleeping state to engaging themselves in complicated activities while they’ve had no recollection of their actions.


If someone passes out or has trouble breathing due to an overdose of this drug, contact the doctor immediately. Overdose symptoms may include slowed or reduced reflexes, severe drowsiness and loss of consciousness.


When you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember it and do not delay it. Skip the missed dose if it’s nearing the time of your next dose. The dose should not be doubled, increased or altered to catch up.

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